Advantages and Disadvantages of Protein Supplements for a Workout

There is no doubt that the sports industry and market have hundreds of different supplements available. Meal replacements, vitamins, and amino acids: all these things promise better results from the workouts. But the star of the show is definitely all sorts of protein supplements. But are they good for you? Will they make the workouts better? Let’s find out after reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages of a protein supplement.


1.      It can make workouts better due to the amount of protein. As we have already established, you need to eat enough protein to build muscles. Sometimes, it can be difficult to eat the needed amount, and that is when shakes from the powder come in. In this case, the protein supplement can be a good thing.

2.      It can be a tasty dessert. Usually, eating healthy and balanced can be difficult for beginners. There is no chance of eating many sweets. In this perspective, a protein shake can be a solution. There are many flavors and each person will be able to find something suitable.


1.      It can never be compared to real food. The best way of getting protein is through a balanced diet with the proper amount of nutrients. If you are eating good-quality whole foods, there should be no problem getting the right amount of protein from it with all the vitamins. 

2.      Not all shakes are of good quality. Some of them even contain starch and sugar which are not good at all. Moreover, the most popular and affordable form of protein shakes that comes from whey has been a controversial issue for many professionals. People argue that they can do more harm to health than benefits. 

3.      The regular person does not simply need it. It is true that sportsmen such as bodybuilders that aim at gaining the maximum amount of muscles usually use protein supplements to aid the process and make it faster. However, for a regular person, there is no necessity to use protein powders. As we have already established, it is much more preferable to get nutrition from a balanced healthy diet. 

4.      There are some side effects such as headaches, cramps, and sickness. We do to state that it will happen, but there is a possibility. After all, it is a supplement and it will not work for everybody. 

After considering everything, we would not recommend consuming protein supplements regularly. For an average person without professional sports goals, it can work as a tasty treat once in a while. However, we would strongly discourage you to use it as a meal replacement as it can cause more harm than good. It is always better to invest in a healthy balanced diet and receive all the nutrients in a natural way from food.