The Balanced Diet to Lose 10 KG

Today I propose you a balanced diet, which will allow you to lose 10 kg in two and a half months, about 10 weeks, but without daily deprivations and without feeling like you are on a diet. The diet is based on the indications of Dr. Eric Zacharias, author of the book “The Mediterranean Diet: A Clinician’s guide for patients care”. The menu is therefore Mediterranean.

It is a 1250/1300 calorie average regimen useful for sedentary women who have an overweight of at least ten kilos but are unable to diet without feeling deprived. Men who want to follow this diet must add 350 calories to the plan, adding 30 grams more pasta or rice for lunch, an extra teaspoon for lunch and dinner, and 40 grams more meat, fish, low-fat dairy products or legumes.

In fact, this balanced diet has the particularity of bringing many delicious options into its scheme, both sweet and savory, but without these options translating into a snuff.

In addition, some foods are free and will allow you not to have to weigh everything.

I always recommend that you consult your doctor before following a diet.


Breakfast, valid for every day:

  • Coffee or tea with zero-calorie sweetener (I recommend Tic or Truvia). More.
  • A slice of bread / 2 rice cakes with 2 teaspoons of jam or 100 grams of banana.
  • A pack of 170/150 grams Fage / Zymil white skimmed yogurt or 200 ml of skim milk or soy without added sugar or medium egg omelet + an egg white or 90 grams of Santa Lucia Light ricotta.

Snacks, valid for every day / two a day from Monday to Friday

Saturday: one a day for a snack.
Sunday: no snacks.

  • 150 grams of orange, strawberries, cherries, kiwis, tangerines, pear, apple, peach, or 220 grams of melon/watermelon.
  • 100 grams of raw carrots + 10 grams of dark chocolate / 8 almonds.
  • A 125-gram jar of Vitasnella yogurt + 3 pavesini.
  • 100 grams of lemon or strawberry ice cream.