Do You Need a Chest Stop on the Flat Bench?

If you want to train in strength (maybe doing powerlifting) obviously it is essential (even if not all the repetitions must necessarily have it), if instead, you want to become big it is not necessary, in fact, to tell the truth, it is not even necessary to do the flat bench, but … (my uncle said that everything that comes before a but doesn’t count) …

But, in the 21st century it is good to know as many things as possible, even those that may not serve directly. So let’s take a moment to analyze how the bib number works and see when and why the stop on the flat bench could be useful.

The flat bench

This muscle is an antagonist of itself. While all the bundles (collarbone, sternal and abdominal) adduce and rotate, the high bundles (cleverer) carry the arm (flex the humerus), while the low bundles (abdominal) extend it when it is in an elevated position. Translated, the bib is activated both when we do the DIP, but also in the TRACTIONS.

In the flat bench, the breastplate (all bundles) work more when the barbell is low, near the chest, while when we stretch the arms and close the repetition, the front deltoid prevails.
This image shows very well what has just been expressed:

When you see someone, even if hefty, doing a flat bench and stopping halfway, he is doing an excellent exercise for the front deltoids. On the bench, the only way to work well with the chest is to go down as far as possible and stretch this muscle.

When the chest stop in the bench is useful?

We finally return to the stop in the flat bench, this technique has the advantage/disadvantage of stopping the barbell in the phase of maximum lengthening of the bib in the bench. This is certainly an advantage for learning to work well with the bib.
The stop on the flat bench can be so useful:

  • When you don’t perform the repetitions in full (complete)
  • When you bounce in the chest to help you get started
  • When you want to give a different stimulus to the execution of the bench

It is essential with the catch not to lose your shoulders, otherwise throw away all the benefits. For this reason always keep a light arch and a position at the attention of the torso.

In the end, the firmness in the chest is not essential but can be useful. Before saying that it is not needed because you have always grown big without (the real thing), let’s learn how to do it, then we will discover advantages and disadvantages and if and when to use it.

In the end, the catch is a bit like a trombamic, it is better to have it than not to have it when everyone has given you a hole.