3 strategies to build to backlink chain for SEO마케팅


3 strategies for SEO마케팅

Guest posting (or guest blogging) for 검색엔진마케팅 refers to the act of providing (writing) content to other blogs for various purposes. The reason I provide content is that I can get backlinks by putting a link to my website in that content. So where can I write?
The surest way is to find sites where competitors are already writing on relevant topics. It could be a community of related topics, or it could be a magazine, right?


social network

You can get acquainted with people on social media such as blogs (comments, etc.) related to your business, communities, and Facebook groups, and ask to post or mention your website or article. When making a request about posting, it would be even better if you showed politeness in such a way that you usually look at it with interest and enjoy reading your blog and get a lot of insight. If a neighboring blogger has a problem or is interested in something, it’s a good idea to provide content that can help solve it. This goes beyond simply obtaining SEO최적화 backlinks, and has the advantage of being able to exchange the latest news and information in related industries and build networks.

What content should I give?

It is also important to write good content when writing a contribution. In particular, it is important to write the necessary content for the website, but it is not recommended to promote and brag about your website or product.


Writing content that is likely to go viral on social media or other websites is the most natural way to get backlinks. One such type of content is infographics. Infographics refer to contents that are imaged so that information can be seen at a glance. When creating infographic content, you can naturally get backlinks by leaving a link source on a blog or news site and requesting that you leave the infographic in the content.

#strategy for building link chain: social share

Facebook group sharing

There are various benefits when your content becomes known on social media. Regardless of whether it has a direct effect on SEO마케팅 or not, it can have a positive effect if it raises awareness and continues to spread and circulate such well-known articles. You could also visit a Facebook group related to your business and leave a message, right?

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